New Years Resolutions. Omni Centers Luxury Medical Spa can help.

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It is that time! The New Year is a great time to initiating lifestyle changes and getting a plan together to achieve your personal goals. According to Forbes about 60% of people start the year with a resolution, after 30 days only 25% of people remain committed to their resolution. So how many people actually achieve their goal? Only about 8%!

 It is no surprise that the top three resolutions in the US are health/weight related. reported top 3 New Year’s resolutions for 2019 were: Number one with 71% of Americans committing to eat healthier or diet. Second most common is to exercise more (65%). And in third, 54% of people with set resolutions in 2019, wanted to lose weight.

 Why aren’t people following through with resolutions? thinks that the main reason resolutions fail is treating a resolution like a sprint instead of a marathon. They also include in their top reasons for failure: too much thinking and not enough doing and being in too much of a hurry. Magazine say the number one reason is going at it alone, and others in their top 10 include giving up too easily and not having a plan. Both websites agree that not believing in yourself can be a major reason you don’t succeed. Do these sound a little too familiar from years past?

So what can you do and how can we help?

Don’t do it alone. If you want to eat better, let it be something that your whole household commits to. If everyone is on board it is less likely that those not so healthy snacks are going to show up in your pantry or freezer. If you need more than that get some one on one coaching with our amazing registered dietician, receive a diet plan specific to you and regular follow ups for accountability (so you don’t give up too easily).

If more exercise is the goal, commit to a class at a gym or to a friend/get an exercise buddy. It is really easy to find an excuse for yourself, but if you have a commitment to a friend (or a class you have already paid for and can’t get your money back) you are much more likely to go to the gym, take the walk or participate in the class. Omni Centers can even further enhance exercise with the CoolTone by CoolSculpting. Although CoolTone is not a replacement for exercise it can help with boosting your toning results on your gluts, thighs and abs. Just think about how much easier it is to go to the gym when your booty is looking THAT much more toned and lifted. See more about CoolTone on our website at When you see results faster it is a lot easier to keep your commitment going longer than a month.

Get permanent fat reduction: Are you trying to sprint instead of go for the Marathon, we get it, we live in an instant gratification world and going to the gym for a week or a month and you don’t see a significant change it is hard to stay motivated to keep going. If this sounds like you, we have a solution- check out CoolSculpting and/or CoolTone. Eliminate those fat cells in 8-12 weeks (not quite instant but close). In combination with treating other areas that inhibit fat loss like lack of quality sleep, stress, hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, diet and exercise.

Believe in yourself! We believe in you and we believe in our programs and it is contagious.

Have you tried weight reduction, diet changes exercise plans in the past and they never worked out as you hoped, or they worked when you are younger but you’re not getting those same results now? Everyone has different needs and goals. There is an underlying cause that is the reason you are not successful in losing fat or increasing muscle. If you have tried and not succeeded let us advocate for you where you need help to get the confidence you need to get the fat off.

If you feel like you need a lot of support check out our physician led, registered dietician supported, lab result directed, results driven, Medical Weight Reduction program at If you still feel like you need a little more body contouring in those stubborn areas of pocket fat, CoolSculpting gives permanent reduction of fat cells in a treatment area (for example: abdomen) and then add CoolTone for optimizing toning of abs, gluts and thighs.

If you are nearing your goal and you just want to remove stubborn areas or pocket fat and/or tone your butt, abs and thighs CoolSculpting/CoolTone  may be just what you need to get the results faster (8-12 weeks for CoolSculpting and 4 weeks for CoolTone) to keep you motivated to achieve your New Year’s resolution and keep it going all year long. 

Book a complimentary consultation and let’s work together to come up with a plan specific to you and your diet/lifestyle and body sculpting goals because we know 2020 can be the year you stick to and achieve your New Year’s resolution.