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Whether you’re looking for more energy, would like to boost your immune system or help achieve weight loss goals, our injection therapies are very popular amongst our Olympia, WA area patients. Vitamin injection therapies can also help improve your mood, improve your health, and change your outlook!

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  • More energy, mental alertness and stamina for everyday tasks
  • Healthier immune systems
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases metabolism, thereby aiding weight loss
  • Reduces allergies, stress, and depression
  • Improves mood stabilization
  • Lessens frequency and severity of migraines and headaches
  • Helps lower homocysteine levels in the blood, thereby reducing the probability of heart disease and strokes


  • Strengthen bones

Vitamin D helps in the absorption and use of calcium, which is needed to develop strong bones. Therefore, reduces the risk of fractures 

  • Fights infection 

Improves the function of the immune system to fight against infection

  • Helps cancer patients

For example, a low level of vitamin D has shown to increase the risk of colon cancer and can have a negative impact on the survival of these patients

  • Protective against heart disease

The Framingham Heart Study found that patients with low levels of Vitamin D have a 60% higher risk of heart disease 5

  • Reduces risk of hypertension

Vitamin D injection can be useful to reduce systolic blood pressure in those at risk of hypertension

  • Reduces the risks associated with obesity 

Low levels of vitamin D are common in patients with obesity and may explain the increased risk of these patients for certain cancers and higher cardiovascular disease risk

  • Benefits in pre-diabetes

A study found that those who took combined calcium-vitamin D supplements had a lower rise in glucose levels at 3 years compared with those without

  • Improves symptoms of depression

High doses of vitamin D have shown to ameliorate symptoms of depression

  • Reduces risk of cognitive decline

The InCHIANTI study found that low levels of vitamin D were associated with substantial cognitive decline in the elderly population

  • Reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease

High vitamin D levels provide protection against Parkinson’s disease

  • Reduces risk of Multiple Sclerosis

 High circulating levels of vitamin D are associated with a lower risk of developing multiple sclerosis

  • Reduces risk of Influenza A

Vitamin D3 supplementation during winter may reduce the incidence of Influenza A

  • Reduces risk of Bacterial Vaginosis 

In pregnant women, a deficiency of Vitamin D increases the risk for Bacterial Vaginosis

  • Reduces risk of Pelvic Floor Disorders

Higher vitamin D levels are associated with a decreased risk of pelvic floor disorders (urinary and faecal incontinence) in women

  • Protects against Age-related macular degeneration 

High serum vitamin D concentrations may protect against early AMD in women under 75 years old

  • Improves Restless Leg Syndrome 

Vitamin D supplementation has shown to improve the severity of restless less syndrome symptoms 

  • Improves Vitiligoand Psoriasis

High-dose Vitamin D3 therapy may be effective and safe for vitiligo and psoriasis patients


  • Helps reduce stored fat
  • Enhances metabolism/fat burning
  • Increase energy level
  • Improves function of liver & gallbladder
  • Preserves lean body tissue
  • Improves liver detoxification
  • Improves mood & mental clarity

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Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble essential vitamin that is crucial for many vital metabolic and hormonal functions including the production of enzymes and carrying important nutrients in and out of cells. Due to how it helps convert and synthesize many other compounds within the body, it is needed for well over 100 daily functions. Vitamin B12 deficiency is believed to be one of the most predominant nutrient deficiencies in the world. Common symptoms B12 deficiency symptoms include fatigue and weakness, poor moods, and low concentration. Why choose shots overtaking an oral supplement? Because the B12 in the shots are ALWAYS absorbed because they bypass the GI tract and go directly into your subcutaneous tissues and muscles. With oral supplements, you are only able to get out what you absorb in the GI tract. B12 is essential in the metabolism of fatty acids and proteins. Several diseases can contribute to deficient levels of B12 by inhibiting the ability to absorb it (Crohn’s and Celiac) or simply having low stomach acid (associated with aging and increased stress). Vegetarians and vegans are at higher risk of B12 deficiency.

B12 (Menthylcobalamin): Menthylcobalamin is an essential nutrient known as vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is fundamental in many biological processes, many of which are important to the survival of the organism. Vitamin B12 is involved in processes including DNA synthesis, fatty acid, and amino acid metabolism. B12 is purported by its users and practitioners to help speed up overall metabolic processes and create a greater feeling of overall energy and well-being.

B12 and sleep: lack of sleep is well known, and proven, to cause weight gain and blood sugar issues. You probably also didn't know that Vitamin B12 actually improves your circadian rhythm and helps the depth and quality of your sleep. It's worth pointing out that the study above showed that menthylcobalamin and NOT cyanocobalamin helped improve the quality of sleep. 

What causes reduced levels of Vitamin B12?
Deficiency is present for a variety of reasons including dietary deficiency and poor dietary absorption. The human body is incapable of producing vitamin B12 on its own, B12 must be consumed in the diet. Consumption of vitamin B-12 may be an effective agent to speed up metabolism, especially if the individual has a deficiency 


What is Vitamin D?
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is critical in absorbing calcium and phosphate from the intestines. The first of the two forms are Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol), which is normally found in plants. The second form is Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), which is synthesized using sunlight at the level of the skin or can be taken as a supplement or given as an injection.

What causes reduced levels of Vitamin D?

  • When the body’s requirements outweigh the amount synthesized, particularly common in residents in the Pacific Northwest
  • Inadequate food intake or poor intestinal absorption

Why is it better to give Vitamin D intramuscularly vs orally?

  • Vitamin D levels, if given IM, shows a sustained increase from baseline, unlike oral supplementation.
  • Does not require a strict regimen of oral intake
  • Benefits occur quicker compared to oral intake

What do we recommend?

  • Vitamin D dosage is dependent on the patient’s personal blood profile and circumstances, including medical history and comorbidities. Therefore, blood tests are performed before and during the course of treatment. They are done routinely to monitor the requirement for injections and response of the patient. Our Omni Center’s Doctor will assess and review with you your Vitamin D level, as well as related markers known as the ‘Bone profile’ (calcium, corrected calcium, phosphate, alkaline phosphatase).


MIC (methionine, inositol, choline) also known as lipotropic injections are used to help release fat throughout the body by specifically targeting its primary fatty deposits. Lipotropic or fat-burning substances include inositol, which helps the liver remove fat; choline, which distributes cholesterol and prevents it from getting deposited in one part of the body; and methionine, which is similar to inositol but also amplifies the combination. Injections can be administered up to twice a week, and vitamin B-12 is purported by practitioners and users to help accelerate metabolic processes while creating a greater feeling of overall energy. Sometimes called Lipo B or lipo or lipotropic injection, this is a mixture of compounds that may aid in the reduction of adipose tissue (fat). The mixture of compounds individually may be effective, however, in combination, they may exhibit more lipotropic (fat breakdown) activity than when administered alone. Injection of this mixture of lipotropic compounds may be more effective than oral supplementation, this is due to the increased bioavailability, you will get all the nutrients injected compared to oral medications where you only get what you can absorb.

These lipotropic agents are structurally and functionally closely related to the B-vitamins or are involved in the homeostasis of energy production from fat. The non-vitamin compounds (MIC) that are injected into the body stimulate the liver into optimizing the process of metabolism, elevate the movement of and utilization of fat, and provide the needed metabolic environment of the body for a fatty acid (fat) mobilization and utilization.

The lipotropic agents included in this injection are:

Methionine: Methionine helps the liver maintain the optimal ability to process fatty acids. Methionine is a major constituent of S-adenosylmethionine, which has been shown to be associated in genetic regulation and activation of certain genes. Methionine contributes to methyl donation to histones that activate certain genetic processes that may be involved in the increase in lean tissue. Although indirectly linked to lipolysis (breakdown of fats to release fatty acids), it is believed that the increase in lean tissue increases resting metabolic rate, therefore increasing the overall required calories that must be obtained from storage or dietary intake. Methionine, via S-adenosylmethionine, has been shown to increase CNS activity, therefore increasing the caloric requirements required by the CNS. The downstream effects of this may ultimately lead to increased caloric requirements for the entire body.

One way MIC directly impacts your metabolism is because B12 & Inositol are involved in the mitochondrial production of energy. And your metabolism depends upon your mitochondria. Your mitochondria produce most of the energy in your body. This energy is then released as heat through daily living such as breathing, eating, sleeping, and moving. The more energy you burn at rest the higher your metabolism will be and the more calories you will burn.

Inositol: Inositol is a sugar-like molecule, referred to as a sugar alcohol. Even though very similar in molecular structure to glucose, this molecule does not exhibit the same traits that simple carbohydrates do. Contrary to simple carbohydrates, this sugar alcohol has been shown to not actively increase adipose (fat) storage. In fact, Inositol has been found to decrease fatty acid synthase activity, a multi-enzyme protein that catalyzes fatty acid synthesis. This set of enzymes ultimately enables the body to produce triglycerides fat molecules that reside in adipose tissue (body fat). Inositol may be effective in reducing insulin resistance, a common condition associated with increase adiposity (body fat). Insulin resistance, a condition to which your body becomes resistant to the activities of the hormone insulin. This condition leads to excess blood glucose levels and a host of symptoms and dysfunctions. A chemical called Inositol phosphoglycan is known to regulate the body’s sensitivity to insulin signaling. Inositol phosphoglycan structurally incorporates Inositol, thus inositol is required for this molecule to exert its regulating behavior.

The proper functioning and sensitivity to insulin are found in most healthy individuals and are essential in maintaining overall health. Excessive exposure to blood glucose ultimately leads to insulin resistance and poor nutrient transport. Inositol may be effective in reducing this condition while at the same time reducing fatty acid (fat) synthesis.

Choline: Choline is a simple molecule usually classified as a B vitamin. The B vitamin class is usually involved in the generation of energy and support of metabolism. Choline is an important precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is involved in a host of activities, one of which includes muscular function and contraction. Acetylcholine is a fundamental neurotransmitter that enables communication between neurons. Increased neural communication results in increased CNS activity which ultimately leads to increased energy expenditure. Energy expenditure requires nutrient input, either from stored energy (fat), or dietary nutrients. Choline exists in a delicate balance and homeostasis with methionine and folate. When these nutrients are not in balance adverse health effects may be present. Along with the increase in CNS activity comes increased cognitive ability, reported by many users. Choline may be effective as a nootropic, or a substance with the ability to increase cognition. Increased neural cognition is thought to be due to choline’s role as a precursor to acetylcholine.

Improved Liver Detoxification - Your liver is required to get rid of pretty much everything you come into contact with on a daily basis. Even your own hormones must be metabolized through the liver for proper elimination. Certain nutrient deficiencies, like choline, are required for optimal phase I and phase II elimination pathways in the liver. These are the same pathways that help you metabolize certain medications, nutrients, and hormones. A reduction in the efficiency of these pathways means you will have a buildup of endocrine disruptors and other chemicals that act on hormonal receptors in your body. These endocrine disruptors can lead to hormone imbalances like hypothyroidism and weight gain, so it is critical that you take care of them ASAP. Choline is involved in these pathways. That means that taking choline can help boost your detox and help you get rid of these endocrine disruptors.

The supplementation of choline has also been shown to reduce serum and urinary carnitine. The reduction of carnitine in these fluids may indicate carnitine has been partitioned in tissues that utilize it as a fatty acid mitochondrial transport. When carnitine is used in the mitochondria it transports fatty acids to the location which they are broken down and used as energy. It has also been reported that molecular fragments of fat have been found in urine after carnitine and choline supplementation, which may be due to incomplete fatty acid oxidation and the removal of the subsequent byproducts. This means, choline supplementation may increase the utilization of carnitine and increase the removal of fatty acids, even though all fatty acids are not burned as energy. The fragments of fatty acids not burned as energy are extruded in the urine as molecular fragments.

Another huge benefit to using MIC + B12 shots is that they can improve your mood AND concentration. Nowadays so many people suffer from the symptoms of depression or just feeling "down" that it's almost considered normal. It is NOT normal to feel depressed and it is NOT normal to feel down. These feelings are almost always an early indicator of something wrong inside of your body, usually nutrient deficiencies or hormone imbalances. B12 shots have been shown to improve mood if used by themselves or in combination with other medications.

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Lipotropics are essential amino acids that enhance the liver’s ability to break down and metabolize fat. The liver is primarily responsible for regulating body fat, which is why you won’t see significant weight loss results if your liver is slow to process fats.

Lipotropic injections optimize your metabolism by boosting your levels of lipotropic amino acids. Common lipotropic nutrients include:

  • Choline - Metabolizes fats in the liver and gall bladder.
  • Inositol -Regulates serotonin and insulin levels to stabilize mood and reduce feelings of hunger.
  • Methionine - An antioxidant that helps break down fat molecules.
  • Our lipotropic injections also include Vitamins B12 which boosts energy levels and improve your mood and many other benefits.
You can expect a gradual transformation of your body when you combine lipotropic injections with a regimented diet and exercise plan. Because body types vary, some people will lose weight faster than others, but in general, most people report losing about 2 to 4 pounds per week.
Everyone’s body is unique, but as a general rule, for maximum weight loss, we often recommend weekly lipotropic injections. These injections give your amino acid levels a boost, but those levels will return to normal within about a week, so you’ll need to replenish the nutrients in order to maintain the enhanced fat-burning they provide.
Lipotropic injections can be administered in the thigh muscle, hip muscle, upper arm muscle, and buttocks.
For most patients, lipotropic injections are generally well tolerated, but as with all medical procedures, some temporary side effects are possible, including allergic reactions, gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches, lightheadedness, and fatigue. It’s important to use lipotropic injections only with the support of a qualified medical weight loss professional who can help monitor your body’s response to the treatment.

In addition to boosting your body’s ability to burn fat, lipotropic injections have several other health benefits including:

  • Improved heart health
  • Liver detoxification
  • Restoration of hormone imbalances
  • Enhanced digestive efficiency
  • Improved immune system
  • Stronger nails and shinier hair
  • Improved concentration and mental clarity
Whether you’re looking to maximize the effects of your workouts or need a comprehensive weight loss plan, Omni Centers can help. We offer customized weight loss plans and one-on-one support with a team of professional, certified medical specialists. Check our Omni Weight Reduction program.
B12 is a water-soluble vitamin absorbed in the lower intestines with the help of intrinsic factor—a substance secreted by the stomach. B12 must come from your diet; your body does not make it.
Large amounts are found in liver, beef, salmon, trout, tuna, and clams. Smaller amounts are available in eggs, yogurt, cheese, and cereal products fortified with B12.
The majority of B12 deficient people EAT plentiful amounts of food containing B12, but their bodies can’t absorb or use it. Given the enormous increase of digestive issues and daily stressors (alcohol, environmental pollutants, aging) it’s no wonder so many of us are low on this beneficial vitamin. Other than from our diet, B12 can be obtained through B12 injections. B12 is safe for pregnant women and anyone receiving chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Increased energy and metabolism
  • Enhanced neurological health
  • Minimized seasonal and environmental allergies
  • Decreased irritability (PMS)
  • Improved athletic endurance
  • Enhanced vascular health
  • Helps stabilize symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and mood disorders
  • May benefit patients with nervous and endocrine disorders such as MS, diabetes, seizures, restless leg syndrome, thyroid disorders, and adrenal fatigue.
Vegetarians, vegans, elders, people who drink alcohol, people who have digestive issues and who are taking medications such as Prilosec and Tums.
  • Fatigue
  • Nerve pain (shingles, herpes)
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Moodiness
  • Cognitive decline
Everyone’s optimal level of B12, obtained through a blood test, is unique. On average, the value of > 600 pg/ml is sufficient, but we aim for >900 pg/ml for optimal wellness.
Injections bypass the digestive tract and, as a result, the vitamin B12 has a more direct route to the cells and can be more readily metabolized. You will feel the benefit more quickly.
Slight bruising and or soreness at the injection site can occur. There are no known toxic effects when administered at appropriate levels. Allergic reactions can occur with any intramuscular injections.
Yes, B12 is a simple blood test. Let your practitioner know when you are in office if you are interested in finding out what your B12 levels are.
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