Omni Centers for Health & Esthetics exists as a commitment to excellence, to bring each and every patient to their optimum potential for health and beauty. With honor and integrity we deliver science based treatments & skincare in a safe, results-oriented professional environment. Offering cutting-edge services, advanced clinical treatments and superior home-care formulas.

DR. LAUREN PEIZER ND. Lauren Peizer, ND completed her Bachelor of Science in Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology at the University of Washington in Seattle. During college she was introduced to Naturopathic Medicine by Dr. Andrew Iverson, who inspired her to follow this path. Dr. Lauren then earned her Naturopathic Doctorate, from the National University of Natural Medicine (formerly NCNM) in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Lauren focuses on the whole body, not just treating symptoms. Her treatment plans may include a combination of specific hormone therapies, diet and lifestyle , detoxification and natural medicines designed to bring the body’s chemistry into balance. She works with an array health issues including challenging health problems such as hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, and other chronic conditions.

In addition, Dr. Lauren has particular interest in stem cells/PRP, aesthetics and weight reduction. She enjoys helping patients improve their metabolism to achieve long-term weight loss and optimal health.

In naturopathic medical school, Dr. Peizer trained extensively in the areas of clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, counseling, physical medicine, as well as conventional medical treatments. She has completed extra coursework in the areas of women’s health, including pelvic floor work, nutrition and nutrition response testing, aesthetics and bioidentical hormone replacement therapies (bHRT) and stem cells/joint injection.

After working with Dr. Iverson at his family practice in Tacoma, WA, Dr. Lauren has worked primarily in balancing hormones, anti- aging and stem cells.

After a long career in fitness, health and yoga, Karen decided to expand into the field of esthetics to pursue knowledge for her passion for skin rejuvenation. Training both at the prestigious Euro Institute of skin care, where she graduated top of her class, and the Washington Laser Institute, where she received advanced training in lasers and chemical peeling. Her passion to transform skin began to reveal that optimal skin presentation and youthful results are truly possible.

With that innate knowing, Karen utilizes the best of nature and science has to offer as well as waking up the skin’s natural process to heal and rejuvenate. While seeking to always be learning and utilizing the best products she has also trained with Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions, a worldwide industry leader.

Denise Maxwell, RDN, CD has over 15 years combined experience in wellness including nutrition counseling for diverse populations, health coaching, development of specialty health foods and menu design. She earned her Bachelor of Science in nutrition and food science from Central Washington University. She also earned an Associate of Occupational Studies from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and a dietetic professional degree from Oregon Health and Science University. Denise is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a certified dietician in the state of Washington.

She has extensive experience working with clients in the areas of weight loss, disease management and prevention, managing food allergies and digestive issues, working through disordered eating patterns and building muscle.

She enjoys working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, from those looking to learn the basics of creating healthy habits for the family on up to high-level athletes looking to improve performance.

Denise is on a mission to utilize her passion for health and cooking paired with her credentials and vast experience to teach others that healthy eating truly can be enjoyable! Our nutrition habits and how we fuel our bodies have a significant impact on daily energy, mood, self-confidence, athletic performance, and long-term health. She looks forward to collaborating with you on your individual health goals as you find balance within a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

She has been a nurse since 2013. Ally got her start working at an Endoscopy unit where she specialized in IV therapy and worked at a private practice Plastic Surgery center. She is passionate and loves working with aesthetic injections. The best part of her job is helping build people’s self-confidence. When she is not working, you can catch her being a dog mom at happy hour or taking care of her vast collection of plants and gardens. Ally loves being outside, so summertime gets her going. She looks forward to helping you achieve the best version of yourself.