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Acne Clearance


Acne can persist for a lifetime. It tends to show up in the teenage years, however for many of us it can show up in adulthood, scarring your skin and damaging your self confidence. It is a fact that many teens and adults experience acne with poor options and solutions that never address why and how to improve it. Many are seeking better solutions to clearer skin. Here at Omni Centers we offer a painless option, with no side effects, at a affordable price. Now with Viora acne clearance treatments, there is a solution!

The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is one of the most commonly administered form of light therapy in dermatological applications. IPL systems are designed to deliver many rapid, high intensity and controlled pulses of light.  The controlled pulsing prevents thermal damage to your skin and minimizes discomfort.

Viora’s superior acne clearance treatments deliver effective results with no down time. Featuring a variety of solutions for acne treatment, Viora’s IPL Laser light therapies kill acne bacteria and decreases inflammation. Viora reduces the formation and appearance of blemishes, while natural active antibacterial ingredients help prevent bacterial culture.

IPL technology allows to treat your acne with spe­cific wave­lengths of light which tar­get the bac­te­ria in the skin, as well as inflamed seba­ceous glands that con­tribute to break­outs.

IPL energy at var­i­ous wave­lengths is also used to selec­tively destroy pig­ment clusters, blood-filled cap­il­lary veins, or hair, depend­ing on the intended nature of the treatment.

We also offer other options for Acne. Such as Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels & Micro-needling.


Due to Viora’s advanced PCR™ technology, all skin types can be treated.
With Viora’s contact cooling system, that provides cooling before, during and after each pulse, our light technology treatments provide the most comfortable experiences possible
Viora’s PCR™ technology includes variable pulse configurations, enabling rapid treatments, among the fastest in the industry. Exact treatment time can range between 5 to 40 minutes, depending upon the specific application, each individual patient’s condition, and the specific area that is being targeted for treatment.
Each series requires 10 treatments done twice per week. Treatment time is about 15 minutes.