A closer look at Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) & its benefits


Over time, many of us notice an increase in facial wrinkles and sagging. Generally, synthetic wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers are popular treatment options. But what if you want a more natural approach to a youthful appearance? At our medical spa in Olympia, we offer an alternative method called platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). This treatment restores volume and radiance to your skin, and can also treat thinning hair.


Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is the advanced version of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments. Like PRP, PRF uses platelets and natural growth factors taken from a patient’s blood to rejuvenate their skin. 


PRF is effective

A key reason why PRF is so effective compared to PRP, is its higher concentration of platelets and growth factors. And those growth factors are what help to stimulate collagen and elastin — the proteins responsible for strong, healthy, youthful skin. 

PRF is long-lasting 

PRP is usually productive for hours to about a day, whereas PRF works to encourage healing for up to a week. This extended production of new cells and renewed blood flow delivers skin rejuvenation with looking natural results. 

PRF is a filler alternative

PRF provides natural regenerative effects that help restore your skin without artificial ingredients. Using a special process your plasma can be turned into a gel and combined with PRF. These injections can treat wrinkles, fine lines, thinning skin, and more, all with the natural properties of your body. 

PRF is versatile

Not only is PRF natural, it can also treat a variety of conditions effectively and safely. It’s a nonsurgical option for hair restoration, naturally stimulating stem-cell development and extending the growth cycle. It can also restore volume and radiance in the skin, while softening wrinkles and fine lines caused by aging.

PRF is safe 

This treatment utilizes growth factors found in your own blood and stimulates your skin from within. Since PRF is extracted from your own blood, you do not need to worry about allergic reactions.

PRF is backed by science 

Not only do we see the benefits that treatments with PRF offer to our Olympia clients, but there is solid scientific evidence to back them up. A study from Ohio State University determined the effectiveness and viability of the concentrated platelets in the fibrin matrix. The PRF promoted endothelial cell generation in wounds and enhanced the development of new blood vessels in ischemic injuries, demonstrating its potential healing powers. The study also confirmed the slow and steady release of growth factors from PRF.


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