5 PDO Thread Lift Myths Debunked at Omni Centers

PDO Threads

PDO thread lifts
are a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment that has recently gained popularity. This minimally invasive procedure uses Polydioxanone (PDO) threads to provide an instant lift as well as stimulate collagen production for long-term results. The procedure takes less than an hour to complete, so it's often called the “lunchtime facelift.”

While PDO thread lifts are considered effective, there are also a lot of myths and false information about the treatment that can lead to confusion. In this article, we’re busting common PDO thread myths and sharing the facts about this cutting-edge procedure.

Myth #1: PDO thread lifts are painful 

One of the most common myths about PDO threads is that the treatment is painful. While some patients may experience discomfort during the procedure, it is generally not considered a painful treatment. Most patients report feeling only slightly pinching or pulling during the treatment. In addition, local anesthesia is used to numb the treatment area, which can further reduce discomfort.

Myth #2: PDO thread lifts are risky

Like any medical procedure, PDO threads carry some risk of complications. You may experience bruising and swelling for two weeks after the procedure. However, the risk of serious complications is low when the treatment is performed by a qualified and experienced provider, like our skin clinic’s very own Dr. Lauren Peizer. 

Myth #3: PDO thread lifts are for older patients 

PDO threads can be effective for younger and older patients experiencing mild to moderate sagging skin. The procedure can help improve the appearance of jowls, nasolabial folds, and other areas of the face, neck, and body showing signs of aging.

Myth #4: PDO thread lift results are short-term

PDO threads are made of Polydioxanone, a biocompatible material designed to dissolve in your body. They dissolve slowly and remain in your body for 4-6 months. During that time, the threads help stimulate new collagen and elastin in your skin. Your outcome can last a year or more, based on your age, metabolism, skin health, and personal skin care regimen to protect your skin and enhance results. Some patients improve their outcomes by supplementing their treatment with dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers, and PRF/PRP. 

Myth #5: PDO thread lifts are a replacement for a facelift

While PDO thread lifts can provide a nonsurgical alternative to a facelift, they do not replace the procedure. PDO threads can help lift and tighten the skin but cannot offer the same results as a facelift. Patients looking for more dramatic results may still need to consider a surgical facelift. 

PDO Thread Lifts in Olympia, Washington

PDO thread lifts are a popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatment that can provide effective results for patients experiencing sagging skin or other signs of aging. While there are some myths and misconceptions about the treatment, the reality is that PDO thread lifts can be a safe and effective option for many patients.

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