Revolutionizing CoolSculpting Elite Pricing at Omni Centers

If you’re in Olympia and looking for the best CoolSculpting provider, look no further. Omni Centers is now offering groundbreaking pricing options for CoolSculpting Elite, ensuring you get guaranteed results without the traditional per-cycle costs.

What is CoolSculpting Elite?

CoolSculpting Elite is a cutting-edge, FDA-approved treatment that uses controlled cooling to target and permanently eliminate fat cells. This noninvasive procedure is perfect for those stubborn fat areas that resist diet and exercise. Whether it’s your abdomen, love handles, bra fat, back, arms, neck, or thighs, CoolSculpting Elite can help you achieve a permanent reduction of 20-25% of unwanted fat per treated area.

The Omni Body Guarantee

At Omni Centers, we believe in the effectiveness of our treatments. That’s why we offer the Omni Body Guarantee. If you don’t see visible fat reduction after completing your treatment program, we’ll retreat the area for free. This promise ensures that you can trust in the results of your CoolSculpting Elite treatment.

Benefits of CoolSculpting Elite

Permanent Results

Enjoy lasting fat reduction with no need for repeat sessions.

Noninvasive Procedure 

No surgery, no scars, no anesthesia, and minimal downtime.


Effective on various areas, including the chin, abdomen, thighs, and upper arms.

Peace of Mind

With our Omni Body Guarantee, you’re assured of satisfactory results.

New Pricing Structure

Omni Centers has revolutionized the pricing model for CoolSculpting Elite. Instead of paying per cycle or session, you now pay for the results you desire for each treated body area. This approach makes the treatment more affordable and results-focused, starting at $2,999. During your free consultation, we’ll create a customized treatment plan tailored to your body, goals, and budget.

Complimentary Consultations

To help you determine if CoolSculpting Elite is right for you, Omni Centers offers complimentary consultations at our Olympia medical spa. Our high-level medical providers will conduct a thorough evaluation and answer all your questions, ensuring you have the right expectations and no contraindications.

Real Results

Curious about the effectiveness of CoolSculpting Elite? Our before-and-after photos speak for themselves, showcasing the transformative impact of this body contouring treatment.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more about CoolSculpting Elite and how it can help you achieve your body contouring goals, book your complimentary consultation today. Visit our website or call us at (360) 338-0289 to schedule your appointment.

Experience the Omni Centers difference with CoolSculpting Elite’s new pricing structure and guaranteed results. Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a new you!

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