New Treatment for Immediate Aesthetic Improvement PRX-T33


This amazing product provides immediate aesthetic improvement and deep hydration. Made in Italy and refined over the years with more than two million applications all over the world the PRX- T33 by WiQo is a peel-less peel that is revolutionizing skin beatification.

Traditional chemical peels have great benefits; improving skin color, texture, tone, stimulating collagen production and reducing discoloration from sun damage to name a few, but the downtime can be enough to turn many people away from these treatments. Great news! WiQo PRX- T33 has a solution.

Chemical peels work by removing old skin cells and exposing the new skin underneath. Peels use a combination of different acids, one being Trichloroacetic acid (TCA). This process produces various levels of invasiveness depending on the depth and aggressiveness of the peeling agent used. However, all peels expose you to downtime, flaking and peeling off of the top layer(s) of skin, and risks that can include hypo- and/or hyper-pigmentation and infection.  

The WiQO PRX-T33 Perfect Intense Liquid is made with TCA at 33%, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and kojic acid. This combination, instead of causing frosting and subsequent desquamation, instead helps to stimulate the deeper layers of skin to create new collagen, improving structure and elasticity, with no downtime and none of the risks commonly associated with peels.

This unique combination uses effects of H2O2 and high concentration of TCA for an effective dermal stimulation. The action H2O2 combined with the TCA modulates the behavior on the skin thereby allowing the product to penetrate past the epidermis into the dermis. Once it reaches the middle layer, the H2O2 releases one of the oxygen molecules leaving oxygen (O2) and water (H2O) in the skin, essentially oxygenates and hydrates the tissue. Hydrogen peroxide also stimulates fibroblast and collagen receptors and leads to collagen formation. Although high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can destroy tissue, the peroxide concentration in PRX-T33  is low enough to avoid excess damage but high enough to get the benefits. TCA is modified when you combine it with low concentration hydrogen peroxide, the formulation of which disrupts cellular bonds to transport hydrogen peroxide into the papillary dermis. TCA acts as a vehicle to get the hydrogen peroxide where it needs to go. It also causes the stress response to the tissue and also stimulates the collagen formation and cellular regeneration and eventually self neutralizes. Adding kojic acid into the mix brings the added benefit to brightening the skin. There’s no sloughing, no peeling and no crusting!

Think of it as a “biostimulator” or a “clinical facial” and although frequently performed by estheticians, PRX-T33 concentrate requires a medical license to purchase. WiQo proudly calls the process “bio-rejuvenation” holding an international patent on their product. 

Another benefit is that it is  safe on all skin types and tones. It is also not photosynthesizing- meaning this treatment can be performed in the summer (unlike other chemical peels).  

Treatments are quick, easy and painless. With PRX-T33, patients have a series of four treatments initially with maintenance treatments as desired.  Although the treatment is most often used on the face and neck, it can also be used on the chest, hands, stretch marks and scars. The WiQo Peel can be combined with other treatments for even more stunning results. 

All of the benefits of peeling with none of the risks and none of the down time! Why would you ever peel again when you can WiQo?