My Glowing Journey with ADVATx at Omni Centers

As a self-proclaimed skincare nerd, my journey with advanced skin treatments has evolved over the years. In my twenties, it was all about tackling facial redness. Now in my thirties, I'm maintaining skin health, addressing texture issues, and stimulating collagen production to age gracefully into each decade.

Discovering ADVATx at Omni Centers was a game-changer. No longer confined to driving to Tacoma or Seattle for advanced treatments, I found a high-tech haven right in Olympia. ADVATx promised leading-edge treatment for a range of concerns without the typical pain and downtime associated with other lasers. Intrigued, I embarked on this skincare adventure.

Before my treatment, I had a valuable conversation with Karen Birbari, a licensed master esthetician and Omni co-founder. I really appreciate that the experts at Omni take the time to explain each step of the treatment you’re getting so that you are informed, educated, and comfortable throughout your appointment. The service began with skin preparation and ADVATx's dual laser wavelengths. The experience was far from the discomfort of traditional laser treatments. The slight prickly sensation during the first pass was followed by a relaxing warmth akin to basking in sunlight during the second pass. In just 30 minutes, the treatment concluded with tailored serums, moisturizers, and sun protection.

One standout aspect was the immediate post-treatment glow—more reminiscent of a facial than a laser session. Red spots and broken capillaries, once treated repeatedly with IPL, were gone. My skin texture appeared glassy, and I was delighted to know that collagen production was in full swing. The best part? No downtime. I could run errands with my newfound radiant skin.

ADVATx is definitely becoming my go-to laser facial treatment. The effective treatment spared me the discomfort of other laser procedures, proving that skincare doesn't have to hurt to be effective. I look forward to my next session and sharing more behind-the-scenes insights with another video.

In the realm of skincare, ADVATx at Omni Centers has truly been a revelation—addressing concerns, enhancing skin health, and leaving me with a glow that speaks volumes.